Are you working to offer new services?
Does Rossella allow me to select the tone (negative to neutral to postive) of my tweets? (ORANGE service)
Will Rossella enable me to tweet exclusively from Pullitzer-Prize winning media organizations? (TEAL service)
Do I have to log in everytime to schedule tweets for a day? (Auto-Load Feature Coming Soon)
Am I able to send tweets with up to 280 characters from Rossella?
Can I sign in with my Twitter account?
Can my blog or media organization be added to Rossella's Black List? Email blacklist@gorossella.com and we will review your submission for inclusion on our Black List. We cannot respond to all requests.
Can I edit the tweets that are selected by Rossella?
Can I delete tweets that are selected by Rossella?
Do you use the Twitter API?
Do you have a Privacy Policy?
Privacy Policy
Do you have terms of service?
Terms of Service
Can I talk to a real person for help?
(240) 479-4705
Do you have a customer support email address?


Do you support languages other than English?
Hootsuite allows users to schedule tweets and add Twitter Lists as well as RSS feeds. Does Rossella allow me to add individual RSS feeds or Twitter Lists?
Can I add my RSS feed to Rossella?
Do you offer refunds?
Can I add a picture or media attachment to tweets sent from Rossella?


Can I sign in to Rossella with my email address?
Can I use Rossella to compose and schedule tweets for future dates?
The default time zone is America/New_York. Can I change the timezone?
Can I add media (photos) to tweets sent using Rossella's Compose Now feature?


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